All about Barber Infection, Prevention & Control Training

Barber science has been a helpful tool for numerous barbers to understand why prevention and infection control is necessary for a barbershop. If you’re considering to pursue a barbering career, you must acquire a deeper understanding of skin, hair and other related things. With infection control training, you can acquire the necessary skills and knowledge. An infection control course offered by International barber Institute (IBI), covers all the topics such how to maintain cleanliness at the barbershop, the proper methods of sterilization and sanitation, and the transmission of contagious diseases.

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Is infection prevention and control important?

Yes, it is really important for barbers to control and prevent infection at the barbershop. Firstly, it will reduce the risk of customers getting infected due to lack of cleaning, sanitation, and sterilization. And, your business will increase because every first visitor to a barbershop notices its cleanliness standards and thes type of equipment and tools barber use for clients.

How infection control course helps an aspiring barber?

With infection control training program, an individual will:

  • Acquire knowledge about different sanitation practices.
  • Learn about the benefits of maintaining a clean and healthy environment at the barbershop.

  • Know how to disinfect the barbering tools and equipment.

  • Learn why sterilization is important.

  • Know about the need of a clean environment and hygienic barbering practices.

Methods used for infection control

When it comes to infection control, each state has its own rules and regulations. Disinfection and sterilization are two major methods, and each of them has different regulations, so it is important to know the specific laws of the place where barbering is practiced.

  • Disinfection – Disinfection is one of the methods for infection control, which involves the application of an antimicrobial process or agent on to an object with an aim not to remove all living organisms.

  • Sterilization – In this process, there is removal or destruction of all living organisms from an object.

Sterilization, sanitation, and disinfection are all important part of good and hygiene barber practice.

Cleaning and sterilizing barbering tools and equipment

Here are some ways to clean and sterilize barbering tools and equipment.

Reusable barbering tools need to be cleaned and disinfected – To make sure your tools are safe to use, practice the following two-step procedure.

  • Take off all the debris and residue from the tools with a clean cloth. Depending on the material of the tool, apply the appropriate cleaning method. For example, use a scrub brush to clean abrasive files, buffers, and paddles. On the contrary, an acetone soak is best for cleaning metal electric file bits.

  • In the second step, immerse your barbering tools completely in the EPA approved disinfectant and let them dry before the next use.
Dispose of all the one-time-use items – Read thoroughly all the instructions given on the items you use in your shop. Suppose, if a product is labeled as disposable, make sure to dispose of it right after the use. Some of the one-time-use items include wooden applicators, toe separators, cotton balls, and most buffers and nail files.

Use it right – Using the right application is essential to avoid spreading of the bacteria. And, you need a complete understanding of the proper application techniques for waxes, creams, lotions, and oils. For example, you shouldn’t apply nail oils with a brush that has been in contact with the skin.

Maintain a safe workspace – Lastly, you need to see that everything is placed in its right place. Such as electric razors and curling irons cords should be organized properly so that you or your customers don’t fall on them.

Barbering career is gaining popularity day by day. If you think, you’re creative enough and this career sounds right for you, enroll in an infection control training program to master the basic and advanced barbershop cleaning techniques. If you’re searching for infection control course in NY, feel free to talk to us (631) 273-5755. To know more visit our website.
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