Barbering 101: Choosing The Right Beard Style According To Your Face Shape

2018 is undoubtedly the year of pogonophiles and different beard styles. Beardy looks and styles are the new trending, therefore, it is of utmost importance to care of your beard like your own child if you are a big time beard lover.

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Keeping a beard comes with its own pack of care and maintenance.It is not an easy task to maintain beards. Apart from maintaining, another important aspect of keeping a beard is choosing the correct style that suits and compliments your face. It is very important to first analyze your face type and then go for zeroing down on one style that gives you that dapper look you have always wished for. It is evident that not every beard style that you select will suit your face frame and uplift your features. If you wish to be the master of your own beard and want to learn everything about beard keeping and styling, you can join us, The International Barber and Beauty Institute (IBI)  the best master barber institute.

Before proceeding to straight away giving your beard a trim, it is essential to determine what is your face shape so that you select the best style that gives you a sharp look and enhances your facial features.

Below mentioned is a guide to choosing the right beard style based on your facial features.

The first step in the process is to determine your face shape and structure. In order to perform this procedure, take a flexi tape and put it around your face in order to take the prior measurements.

Jot down the following measurements:

  • Measuring the forehead: To take the measurement of your forehead, go across the length of your face. This will involve taking in consideration the arch of your eyebrows. Measure the arches of both the eyebrows and note down the measurements.
  • Measuring the cheekbones: Identify the sharpest point of your cheekbone and measure across that. Go across the length of your cheeks i.e. from one cheekbone to another. Take down the measurements.
  • Measuring the jawline: Jawline is formed below the chin extending all the way towards your lower ears. To take measurements, start from the tip of the lower chin going upwards towards your lower ear. Repeat this for the other half of your face as well or just double the number.
  • Measuring the face length: To take this measurement, part your hair into two, go all the way from the middle of your hairline to the end tip of your chin.

Judging the face profile based on measurements

Based on the measurements taken, determine what face shape do you have. It can be one of the following:  
  • Oval shaped
  • Rectangular
  • Triangle shaped
  • Round shaped
  • Heart shaped
  • Square shaped
  • Diamond shaped

Based on the shape of your face, select a beard style that suits you the most.

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