Skills you’ll learn in a master barber program

A profession like Barber has been around for a long time, and in the world of salons, many people still choose barber shop for a trim and shave as well. Barbering has evolved over the years, it remains one of the profitable career options. The process of becoming a barber varies from school to school, and of course program to program, as each has different requirements, curriculums, and instructors. However, many things are similar. Nearly all barber schools will teach their students the required skills and prepare them to appear in the state boards for the license. All the basic barbering skills from hair cutting to hairstyling and shaving are the same. But, with a master barber course, you can acquire both the basics and advanced barbering skills. We, at International Barber and Beauty Institute offers a master barber program and advanced barber program to help students gain skills and experience they require to excel in the field of beauty.

Master Barber program

Before getting into the skills and knowledge, you’ll obtain in a barber training program, let’s learn the difference between cosmetology school and barber school.

If you attend a cosmetology school, you will get trained for servicing both men as well as women, and gain education on nails, makeup, hair, and skin care techniques. On the other hand, education at a barber school offers training to work on hair and facial hair of men.

Read further to know the things you’ll learn in a master barber program!

Trimming, cutting, and styling men’s hair

Almost all barbering programs include training about how to properly trim, cut and style men’s hair. This is basic of all barber training programs. Besides this, you will also learn about the hair treatments, such as techniques involved in shampooing and conditioning. Also, how to use the different barbering tools, including trimmers, razors, and scissors.

Hair coloring and dying

Well, only females don’t color their hair, men are also in the same queue. Therefore, another important feature of a master barber program includes teaching students to properly dye, bleach, and lighten hair. You will also acquire the skills and knowledge to properly and safely relax hair.

Working on facial hair

By enrolling in the reputable barber institute, you will learn how to work on facial hair, such as dying, treating, trimming, cutting, relaxing, and shaping.

Saving – It’s an art!

When it comes to shaving, it’s an art! An individual requires professional training to master it. For this reason, a significant part of the master barber program includes facial hair techniques, focusing on the different types of shaving. This includes how to use a straight razor to perform the perfect tradition foam shave. It takes the appropriate skills and training.

Infection control and safety

Another important thing you’ll learn to become a certified barber is health, infection control, and safety. Customer’s safety is the priority! While working at a barber shop, you will be handling various potentially hazardous chemicals. So, you must learn all the techniques to keep you, and your customers safe. In this course, you will also learn all the sanitization techniques to keep your shop safe and avoid spreading diseases.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in the barbering field, you must enroll in one of the best barber institutes. To explore more about master barber course, contact us – International Barber and Beauty Institute (IBI) – (631) 273-5755. We offer both basic and advanced barber programs to aspiring barbers.
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