Tips To Clear Your Barbering Licensing Exam

Are you a creative soul who loves to play around with different hairstyles and has a flare to make it big in the styling industry? Then maybe barbering can prove to be a fruitful profession for you.

ATB practice test near Brentwood

A prospective barber can get enrolled in a barbering program and acquire the necessary skills. Along with this, he can also take further steps to enhance his career and become a successful barber. One can give the ability to benefit practice test near Brentwood to give the barbering career a boost. We, at The International Barber and Beauty Institute, offer a wide variety of barbering courses that one can take up in order to hone his/her barbering skills. We are equipped with modern tools and techniques to train our students comprehensively and induce creativity into their performance.

In the 21st century, there is no limit to the available career options. Barbering is one such profession that one can take up and make it big in the industry. Anybody who holds an earnest interest in the field of haircutting and hairstyling can get enrolled in one of the advanced barbering courses and excel in his career.

Below mentioned are some useful tips that one can consider for clearing the barbering licensing exam

What to expect from the barbering exam?
The barbering exam comprises of a practical testing session as well as a written examination. The syllabus covered in the exam is mostly that which is taught in schools. The duration of the exam is 90 minutes approximately. The following skills will be tested:

  • 1. Client prep

  • 2. Supplies loading and setup

  • 3. Straight razor shaving

  • 4. What do during blood exposure

  • 5. Chemical waving

  • 6. Predisposition test

  • 7. Strand test

  • 8. Application of chemical relaxer

  • 9. Application of hair color

  • 10. Blow drying skills

  • 11. Thermal curling technique

Practice Tests

Before appearing for the exam, make sure that you practice thoroughly. Revise whatever was taught to you during your lessons at the barbering school or the barbering program. You can also take up mock and practice tests to enhance your knowledge and skills. Implement the practical techniques with your own creativity to showcase your styles.


On the completion of your barbering program, the next step is to apply for the barbering licensing exam. You can also apply for the ability to benefit practice test near Brentwood. A nominal registration fees will be required to be paid. Next, you will have to fill up the application form and submit it online. Individuals above the age of 17 years can apply for a barbering license. A proof of training will also be required.

At The International Barber and Beauty Institute, we comprehensively train our students and make them ready to face the challenges of the barbering industry independently. We have a team of highly experienced and extensively trained experts to impart professional guidance and modern day techniques and methods to budding barbers.
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