Advanced Barber program: 360 hours – 3 months!

The advanced barber program course is designed to better the barbering skills of individuals who are experienced barbers and cosmetologists. By experienced individuals, we mean individuals who have completed over 400 “in shop” hours either within the United States or internationally. Know that only certified barbers and licensed cosmetologists are eligible for this program. Factors such as desire, motivation, and an attitude to learn will also be considered before you are accepted as a student at the International Barber Institute.

The 360-Hour Barber Training Course for Advanced Students takes approximately 15 weeks to complete through which the students spend their time engaging in theoretical as well as practical work. The goal is to establish thorough and complete knowledge and excellent professional habits. The program consists of demonstrations, lectures, examinations and practical application. The scheduling at the beginning of the program is primarily classroom work and is eventually followed by actual application of all the subjects on live models and mannequins, under the supervision of the instructor.

  • Monday – Friday Morning: 9am to 2pm | Afternoon: 2pm – 7pm

Advanced Barber
Great price for advanced learning
  • 360 hrs – 3 1/2 months
  • History of barbering
  • Professional image and ethics
  • Men and kids hair cutting
  • Clipper cutting techniques
  • And much more
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Advanced Barber program: 360 hours – 3 months!

In this program, you can expect to learn about the history of barbering, professional image and ethics, microbiology, infection control, skin disorders, shaving and facial treatments, and the latest hair styles and cutting techniques (scissor over comb and clipper cutting). As you learn and develop, you will get 215 practical hours before completing the program. With this program, we supply tools and books to aid in your learning. Upon completion we will also provide you with a job placement.

The objective of the IBI’s Barber Program below is to train students in the basic skills needed to meet the level of competence for the examination required by the NY State Department of Licensing. The skills and knowledge will prepare an individual for work in the business as a barber, salon owner, product demonstrator or technician to a manufacturer.