Advanced Barber program: 360 hours – 3 months!


Advanced Barber program: 360 hours – 3 months!

The Barber Training Course for “Advanced Students” is designed to teach barbering skills to individuals who are experienced barbers and cosmetologists. By experienced individuals we mean individuals who have over 400 “in shop” hours (U.S or international).

You can expect to learn about the history of barbering, professional image and ethics, microbiology, infection control, skin disorders, Shaving and facial, and the latest hair styles and cutting techniques (scissor over comb and clipper cutting). As you learn and develop you will get 215 piratical hours while completing the program.

With this program we supply tools and books to aid in your learning. Upon completion we will also supply job placement.

Monday – Friday  Morning: 9am to 2pm | Afternoon: 2pm – 7pm