Barber Training Program: 630 hours

The objective of IBI’s 630-hour Barber Training Program is to train students in the basic skills needed to meet the level of competence and to prepare an individual for work in the field of barbering. This is a hands-on, comprehensive course filled with practical and relevant teaching methods that will help the student’s barbering and life skills necessary for success.

This 25-week comprehensive program equips those without any prior barber training and makes them experts in the field of barbering. The course duration is 630 hours with 435 hours dedicated to hands-on practical education. Students can graduate as early as 15 weeks if they follow an accelerated schedule of practical hours. In addition to providing tools, books and materials (included in tuition) for the course, we teach our students everything that’s needed to know to pass the New York State Barber Exam.

The curriculum for this program includes the history of barbering, professional ethics, safety and sanitation, infection control and safe work practices, sanitation and sterilization, and anatomy and physiology. The hands-on portion of the program covers a wide variety of men’s haircuts, including fades, straight razor shaving, layer cuts, scissor-over-comb techniques and many others.

  • Monday – Friday Morning: 9am to 2pm | Afternoon: 2pm – 7pm

630-hour Barber Training Program
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  • 630 hrs – 6 Months
  • Learn essential techniques
  • Learn client relations
  • Learn wide range of hair styles
  • Learn chemistry of hair
  • Implementation of tools
  • And much much more
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Master Barber Program: 630 hours

The implements, tools and equipment course will take a more practical approach given that it focuses on the principal tools and implements, techniques for holding, secondary equipment, and care and maintenance. The skin, scalp and hair structure course though will feature subjects such as properties and disorders of the skin, hair and scalp and related treatment.

The major subjects though include haircut and styling, which talks about client consultation, and haircutting and styling for men and women. In addition to this, the shaving and facial treatment course explains men’s shaving and facial hair designs, the theory of massage, scope of practice for barbers and facial treatments. The laws and regulations course helps prepare for the state board exams and licensing laws. Business management focuses on job search, industry trends, employment preparation, interview techniques, barbershop management, self-employment versus and business ownership, business operation and retailing techniques.

We look forward to welcoming you at International Barber and Beauty Institute, located in Central Islip, Long Island!

Tuition: $6,400 (call for discount)

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