“I will recommend this Institute to anybody because they’re very good”


“I found my technique & style as a barber only because of this institute”


“Gracias profesor Sam y profesor Flavio por su paciencia. Nos tratan bien y nos enseñan las habilidades necesarias”


“The barber course at IBI was very helpful and interesting. I thank Sam and everyone else at the Institute”


“I truly enjoyed being here. I learned so much from Sam and Flavio. They’re great mentors. Thank you guys for all your hard work and dedication”


“IBI is a great school, provides a good environment and has great teachers. I would recommend it to my family and friends”


“I would recommend IBI to everyone. I love the diversity of the student enrollment, how they teach and the teachers. Irrespective of the level we’re at, IBI improves our understanding of hairstyling techniques & overall barber training”


Video Testimonials

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