Interesting Facts about Barbering

Always knew you were good at cutting hair but wasn’t sure if you could make a career out of it? Attend barbering school at International Barber and Beauty Institute. Check these interesting facts about barbering…

  • Barber is derived from ‘barba in Latin which means beard
  • In the early ages, beards signified wisdom, strength and manhood.
  • Barbers also did nails and teeth at their salons
  • In the past, some places required regular grooming as an unwritten/written law.
  • Surgery was a banned practice in many places, so barbers were and still are high in demand
  • The classic striped barber pole that you always see outside real barber shops derived from the barber’s second job as a surgeon. This represents when barbers hung bloody bandages out to dry on a pole.
  • Barbering is one of the oldest professions in the world
  • In the middle ages, Barber also treated wounds and performed surgery

Excited yet? As you can see, Barbering is one of the most oldest respected professions today. Ready to join an exciting team of Barbers? Click here to learn more.

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