What can a Barber do?

Barbering is one of the oldest professions that exist and guess what? It’s still high in demand. Barbering is a profession that is considered an art that requires a steady hand, skills and concentration.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 52,100 barbers were employed in the US in 2012? By 2022, the BLS predicts that the number of working barbers will increase to 57,900 or an 11% increase. Isn’t that exciting?

As a Barber, you may be able to perform services such as:

  • Facial hair maintenance
  • Custom shaves
  • Shampoo, styling
  • Scalp, neck and facial massages

Most Barbers are also able to:

  • Perform client consultations
  • Apply lotions, powders, or other cosmetic preparations to the skin
  • Cut, fit, measure, and form head caps for wigs or hairpieces
  • Clean and sterilizing tools and equipment, such as scissors, combs, and clippers
  • Applying hot towels to the face to open pores
  • Update/maintain client records

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