Where do Cosmetologists work?

  • Hotel or Spa - the clientele in hotels and spas are different. These clients are normally on vacation or traveling for work; therefore, you get to meet people from all over the world
  • Salon - Most Cosmetologists start off working in a salon because it helps them gain experience as well as getting accustomed to talking to clients.
  • Mobile Stylist - If you enjoy traveling and not having to report the same place each day, then working as a mobile stylist may be right up your alley. You get to provide hair and make-up on site.
  • TV. Film - You get to make sure actresses/actors are on point before to go out on set. You may even get to create special effects based on what’s being filmed
  • Fashion Industry - You may be styling models for photo shoots and even runway shows.This is your opportunity to really get creative and showcase your ability to adapt to any season.
  • Cosmetology school - some cosmetologists have the passion to pass down what they’ve learned to new students looking to start their careers in Beauty Teaching is definitely a rewarding career.

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