Why is the International Barber and Beauty Institute the best place for you?

  • We prepare our students for excellence - Our equipment is up to date to ensure our students receive the best training in the latest techniques.
  • Our students are fully trained and prepared to meet industry standards and expectations. How? They get to practice on actual clients everyday.
  • Job Placement - We not only provide the necessary training to be successful in their dreams careers. We prepare them for the field through resume preparation, interview and job search techniques. Our students are also given access to hundreds of Barbershops and Salons
  • Age is never an obstacle. Neither is having little to no experience. Our instructors are not only experienced, but their patient and passionate about seeing our students succeed.
  • As the demands in the industry increase, so does our curriculum. Our students are always ahead of the curve with what is needed within the industry.
  • After training with us, you can take your career in Barbering and Cosmetology anywhere in the world.

Are you ready to pursue your career goals at International Barber and Beauty Institute? Contact us now for more information.

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